I only had a couple of months to spare after I came back from exchange before school started, and I thought that I wouldn't be able to score an internship on such a short-term basis. Thankfully, a position opened up with the firm Amazine, who didn't mind that I could only work for such a short time. They were starting to get into the print business, so I most of the initial work I did was to do with getting their branding materials going. The following illustration and banner were for their website!

They already had a colleague in charge of the main branding, so I was relegated to a more supportive role, which I didn't really mind. It was kind of nice to be in an office again, and the 9 - 5 does have its perks, even if the novelty does wear off real fast. Anyway, aside from the web material, there were all sorts of print collaterals that had to be done. This, for example, was the print order form I did. 

Joe, the founder of Amazine, wanted to introduce a retail and print aspect to his firm, which traditionally was only concerned with design. One of the reasons why I admire why he's doing what he's doing is that, underneath it all, he hopes to provide a better quality of service, employing designers who really care about design, workmanship, and finish, to also be involved in the physical process of printing. 

Chief amongst the product lines Amazine offers are large-format printing, such as this Instagram collage I did.

They also do great book printing - here are some photo compilations I had the pleasure of designing.

Check out their website here: