Mot Mot the Giant Snake


This is an ongoing project that has to do with NTU's undergraduate research program, URECA. Abstracts can be a little sterile to read, so I'll paste mine here but supplement it with poignant commentary.

"In an effort to understand, record, preserve, and propagate a portion of the culture and language of the Abui tribe of Indonesia, the School of Linguistics and the School of Art, Design, and Media formed a collaborative team that would illustrate some of their indigenous folk tales for the purposes of literacy development.

In total, three different picturebooks which frame three different narratives have been undertaken by three different illustrators from the School of Art, Design, and Media. This paper deals with the process of designing the picture book for the story “Giant Snake Mot Mot”, finding appropriate visual treatments through explorations in color, texture, form, local motifs, and content."

Forgive me. I lied. I did not supplement it with poignant commentary, but not for lack of trying. There was only so much i could do. Made you read. Ha!


Preliminary Sketches, Style explorations, and Studies