Passepartout was part of a design brief we were handed in Graphic Design I in my Visual Communications Course in the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University. We were tasked with creating a memento, a leave-behind we could pass on to others. 

Passepartout was a faux passeport that detailed my work history, personal particulars, and portfolio. It was useful in the sense that it showcased both my personality and my corporate availability. It was a pretty fun project to do - here, I'll walk you through a little of it:

I made a little crest that represented me - there were paintbrushes, pencils, and various other motifs hidden within it. Using my own passport as a reference, I crafted playful laws and regulations regarding use of the book. 

Each chop symbolised a prior work experience and/or achievement. My portfolio was thus subtly displayed in a fun way.

I punched my name into the top with an awl. It was very scary work.

We were then required to showcase a group of these mementos (ours and a couple of friends) in a fictional exhibition.

Based on the items, I interpreted a traveling theme and worked my way into a safari-style photoshoot made of paper stages and various props. Below are links to my peers websites! They are absolutely great designers.