The Half and Half Man

This is a book i wrote for my 5-year-old self. 

It’s about how you arrive with these dreams and wishes and ambitions that slowly crack at the edges as reality shows up and you have to grow up to grow up. You have to take care of your mom and dad, you have to make time for family, you have to do this and that, and in the blink of an eye you’re no longer young and have more veins on your ankles than laugh lines on your face to show for it. I’m not saying this because it’s a very bad thing. It’s not a very good thing, either. What it is is a very real thing. 

That’s why I wanted to give this book to me, and to all the dreamers in the world, to show them what can happen if they’re not careful with their dreams, to get them to fight for their corner of the world. We are given a short life, and time is never too kind to our dreams.

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