The Sam Willows

I got to know The Sam Willows just as they were in the middle of recording their first self-named album. I have to say that they are some of the most talented and good looking musicians this side of the world! Armed with a bit more design experience, I went back to iron out some of the kinks in the logo design I had previously done for them. 

The thing about logo design is that we tend to underestimate the sheer amount of work that goes into doing great logos - there's math and test groups and all that kind of stuff that is usually done. Freelance designers like me don't usually have that luxury, though. 

I introduced some basic geometry to the logo, enhancing its visual flow as well as making it read better in smaller sizes. As a result, the backwards "S" also became way more visible. 

If you want to visit The Sam Willows and the wonderful stuff they're doing, you can check out their website by clicking on this button:

You should also check out the original artwork by the super-talented Farhana Hossain, whose website can be accessed here: