Tomhannock Bicycles

Tomhannock Bicycles operates out of the capital district of New York state, and is owned by Tim Bonnier. He does a great job of doing all things bicycle - honestly, I've never met someone as passionate and as genuine about bicycles as Tim. It was really nice to meet him, and it got me super fired up about doing a branding for his company.

I wanted to create a branding solution that reflected all these great qualities that Tomhannock Bicycles, and Tim, stand for - friendly, professional sales and bicycle service; no gimmicks, no compromise. 

Something like this.

Or this.

Or even this.

America is so huge that it's impossible for it to be as wired-in as Singapore is, which is why physical and print ads still hold a lot of value when dealing with the public at large.

Drawing inspiration from his store's curiously bright colours, I also used a color palette that would be expanded to be used in information organisation. 

Tomhannock Bicycles has a huge frontage running along State Route 7, and we decided that it would best be made use of with exterior signage that had a lot of physical presence.


Advertising doesn't always have to be stationary, either. Car wraps were a pretty cool way of getting the Tomhannock Bicycles brand out there, since a lot of his clients were limited geographically. 

Behold, behind.

Lastly, I produced a Graphic Design Manual, detailing how to go about making future products and print material - anything to help ease along his one-man show. 


It was great to work with you, Tim. 

If you want to visit Tomhannock Bicycles, you can check out their website by clicking on this button: